New Hampshire Kiteboarding


For New Hampshire, we use two different kinds of resources. On the one hand we use the Hampton Harbor wind forecast on iKitesurf. On the other hand, we use a windmeter at the Hampton Harbor as reference to see how the current wind conditions are. Click on the pictures below to access the websites.

Historical Data

January February March April May June July August September October November December
Average wind speed 5kts 6kts 5kts 5kts 5kts 4kts 3kts 4kts 4kts 3kts 3kts 4kts
Average wind direction WNW WNW WNW WNW ESE ESE W WNW WNW W NW WNW
Average water temperature 41F 37F 37F 37F 46F 57F 64F 68F 63F 55F 50F 45F
Average air temperature 28F 27F 36F 48F 59F 68F 73F 72F 66F 55F 43F 37F



iKitesurf is, in our opinion, the most accurate wind forecast for New Hampshire. When using the app or accessing the website, look for Seabrook Beach as the location for the forecast. The live wind shown there will be from the meter located in the Hampton Harbor. For the summer months, Plum Island is another good weather station. If Plum Island shows that the wind will be coming from the east around 20mph or more, then it is very likely that we can kite a seabreeze at Seabrook Beach.



As mentioned above, the windmeter we are using in New Hampshire is located at the Hampton Harbor. It is very accurate for west winds because there are no onbstacles blocking the wind. For east winds, you can always add an additional 10mph to the reading on the meter. In general, the website "Wunderground" is very useful because the current wind conditions are updated every few seconds. Thus, we know exactly how strong the wind is. One thing we realized, however, is that the meter tends to read five miles per hour more than there actually is. Keep that in mind and do not go kiting when the meter is reading less than 15mph on average.



Masskiting is a website to get in touch with kitesurfers in New England. Most of the people using and posting on the website are from Massachusetts. The website provides useful information for everyone who wants to take a kite-trip to Cape Cod or Rhode Island. On the website you can find information for all the important kite beaches in Massachusetts, chat with other kiters, and purchase or sell equipment. In addition, it is a great tool to keep up-to-date with events happening in Massachusetts where kitesurfers will be present.